Marie Ann Oliver & Jacob Albert Monlux
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The Monlux Family In America

As far as I can tell every Monlux in The United States of America can be traced back to the one man, the patriarch William M. Monlux (1750 - 1837) who came to America with his wife Margaret Drum (1758 - 1851) and settled in what became known as Zanesville, Ohio.

Through years of selfless genealogical efforts by Robert Delos Monlux, William Seastream Monlux and Andrew W. Monlux a fairly complete printed history was created. Titled: A Swedish and United States Family History - Volume II, The Monlux Family in the United States. (Don't be fooled by the peculiar title, as far as we know William M. Monlux was not Swedish) Every Monlux owes these gentlemen a debt of gratitude for preserving and passing on our family history and heritage.

This wonderful history provides an almost complete account of the Descendants of William M. Monlux. (updated 5/31/2000) However, there have been weddings, births, divorces and deaths since the book was published. To that end this website was constructed. You are invited to call and add your information to the family tree.

Click here to see a complete list of William M. Monlux descendants. Please locate your place on the list. In order to preserve privacy only names and dates are provided on the list. Once you have located you place on the list, or your family surname please review the information and e-mail me if you have a correction or addition.

If you would like a copy of A Swedish and United States Family History - Volume II, The Monlux Family in the United States by William S. Monlux, you may order one of the four remaining copies from me for $50.00

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