Bumbershoot's Comic Biography Theater

What is Bumbershoot?
W Bumbershoot is The Seattle Art Festival held at the Seattle Center (built for the 1062's World's Fair. This annual event is held during Labor Day Weekend and features hundreds if visual and performing artists. Bumbershoot is another name for an umbrella, get it? Seattle? Rain? Jeez, do I have to draw you a picture?

Comic Biography Theater
W John Lustig, who organized Spawns of Insomnia last year, was contacted by one of the organizers of Bumbershoot. They wanted to do something like Spawns of Insomnia. However, Spawns of Insomnia was a 24 marathon where each artists was to complete a 24 page comic book from scratch, such a thing would not be possible at bumbershoot since they closed down overnight. After a little brainstorming the idea formed that each artist would have a four-hour time slot to get a short story done. The stories would be biographical moments taken from the lives of the audience.
W John then called up 16 different cartoonists to participate. I was one of the first to choose what date and time I would like to appear. Since the slot I picked meant I was going to open the show I prepared an example cartoon of a short biography moment from my life as an example. I also did not have time for shy audience members to come forward with a story, what with show just starting and all. So earlier that week I sent out an email to my friends and asked them for some stories. I got nine stories back. All of them were good. It was a hard decision choosing just one. I chose Terry Piles story of bachelor life with roommates, rats and cookie dough because just listing the ingredients of the story would make folks smirk and be curious.
W Participating in the show was a lot of fun. I love talking to folks and hearing about their interest in comics and movies. Oh, some of the stories that were submitted were hilarious! And I have to admit I am a bit jealous that I wasn't the one to do "Squirrel Fishing" or "Fish Popsicle". With any luck John will be able to convince the show producers that all the pages should be printed up for comic book. Meanwhile, I hoped you enjoyed my two pages.

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