Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation can be done is a couple of different styles and mediums.

Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording is where I set up an 4ft x 8ft panel either at the front of the room or near the
front of the room. I then listen and record the speaker and/or event in live time during
presentation, or through the day at the event.

Check out
NWAIS Northwest Association of Independent Schools

This is where I do a capture during a speaking presentation, one panel per speaker.

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ARCO via C-Space
This is where the capture is during a day-long innovation session,
and the client requests a single, densely illustrated panel

Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard videos can be a team effort or done by one person. It depends on the scope and
needs of the project. I've been involved in several whiteboard videos and you can watch
over a dozen of them on my YouTube Whiteboard List.

Check out
"Copyright & You - Defining Copyright Ownership"
I did this one start to finish. Writing, script, storyboard, art, contracting voice & sound
talent, editing and deliverable.
Client: Tacoma Artist Innitative Project

Check out
"TaylorMade Project [a] Golf Balls"
With ScratchMedia directing I get a script and fill in the images for storyboard. then go
onsite do to filming. ScrachMedia did the rest of production.

Hear the spiel, call: 1-235-471-0820
Contact artists for rates and availability.

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