Mark Monlux's White Pages
A list of tutorials, forms, and books I found useful.

Interactive Tutorial:
How to Establish Basic Estimate Guidelines

Don't have a clue on what to charge? Learn some basics and get a feel for your market value.

Interactive Tutorial:
Contract Negotiation

Never work without a contract. Learn the suave sophisticated way of negotiating and presenting a contract.

My Old Contract
This two page .pdf file has served almost all my contract needs. (size: 28k)

Double Entry Hour Form
This is the form I use to plan my daily schedule and track my actual hours. (size: 256k)

Invoice Tracker
I keep this in my invoice folder to track when the checks come in and a running total. (size: 316)

Project Tracker
I use this to track the progress of my projects and to double check on such little things as archiving. (size: 496k)

My Library:
Graphic Artists Guild's Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook, 11th Edition (Nicknamed: PEGs)
Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Artists by Tad Crawford and Doman Bruck
The Advertising Law Guide by Lee Wilson
The Copyright Guide by Lee Wilson
The Trademark Guide by Lee Wilson
Postscript Process Color Guide by AGFA
Robert's Rules of Order, illustrated by Will Eisner

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